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Naveen Kumar is a highly regarded and very popular flautist known for specializing in wind instruments. He is a virtuoso of over 300 wind instruments from all over the world. He grew up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have played an influential role in shaping their signature sound.

Naveen’s work encompasses many films from India, other Asian countries, Europe and America. Some of his Hollywood film works include ‘100 Foot Journey’; the Chinese film ‘Warriors Of Heaven And Earth’, ‘Earth, Fire and Water’, among others. 

In India, Naveen is synonymous with the ‘Bombay Theme’ from Maniratnam’s film as well as on multiple A.R. Rahman hits going all the way back to‘Roja Jaaneman’ to the soundtracks of ‘Bombay’, ‘Dil Se’ and ‘Taal’. He has also played on hits like ‘Zara Zara’ (Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein), ‘Dhoom Machale’ (Dhoom) and ‘Chhammak Chhallo’ (RaOne).

Naveen also has seven solo albums to his credit, the last being his 2015 effort, ‘Silence Is Bliss’.

With his diverse experience in multiple genres he has been part of many international projects. Naveen has performed on celebrated fusion maestro John McLaughlin’s album ‘Meeting Of The Minds’, the Broadway musical ‘Bombay Dreams’ and has also collaborated with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Hollywood Bowl and many more.

Now, as a well-respected Musician, he always aims to offer something different and unique to his fans by creating and sharing music.For some, music is just a way to let out a little bit of energy, but for Naveen Kumar Flute it’s so much more than that– it’s a way of life. Browse the site to learn more about how you can collaborate.

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